Sunday, March 20, 2016

QUOTATION: Desire of Heaven

There are degrees in the desire of heaven. Some say “I want to go to heaven, because I shall be happy there, because people are so well-off there.” This is the first and lowest of desires for heaven. It is lawful, but it is chiefly the desire of those that live only for self, that work only for wages as the day-laborers. It is lawful, it fits in perfectly with the Christian law. But where is the love, where is the desire to see the good God?

Others say: “I want to go to Paradise, that I may no more offend God.” That is better, that desire is more noble, it has the interests of God's glory more in view. There is some love in that motive since it is to be forever faithful to Him that they desire heaven. But there are others who say: “I want to go to Paradise in order to love the good God, to see Him, to praise Him, and always to thank Him.” Oh! Here is perfection, since they want the good God for Himself What a pleasing thing to hear one speaking in this way! We say: Here are souls who really love. It is, indeed, beautiful!

--St. Peter Julian Eymard