Friday, January 3, 2014

QUOTATION: The Blessed Sacrament

St. Peter Julian Eymard
Comprehend well this grand principle. Our Lord who has assumed the state of all the virtues in the Blessed Sacrament, having entered into His glory, can no longer make meritorious acts of them. Nevertheless. He ardently desires to practise them for the glory of His Father. He wishes to live again, to find a soul capable of meriting, with faculties that can truly love, labor, and sacrifice. It is for this that He unites Himself to His Faithful, who become His members. He is their Chief, their Head, their moral and supernatural Heart. He pours into them His grace, His divine sap, moving them, making them act and labor. Then He performs in them meritorious and satisfactory works. He takes on again His life of viator, His Incarnation is recommenced. The Father sees Him again poor, chaste, obedient, meek, and humble as in the days of His mortal life. He lives again in us. Our actions are His as much as our own.

--St. Peter Julian Eymard