Friday, June 21, 2013

QUOTATION: The Names of the Nine Orders of Angels

But these are not the only significations of the names of the angels(…) they are also images or representations of the greatness of God: thus the seraphim, by their burning love, represent as it were in a glass, the infinite love of God which alone induced Him to create the angels, man, and all other creatures, whom He still preserves. The cherubim in like manner represent the infinite wisdom of God, which hath regulated all things by number, weight, and measure. The thrones also, by a perfect image as it were, show us that profound " rest" which God enjoys on His throne; who, whilst all things are in motion, remains unalterable, tranquilly ruling and directing events. The dominations too tell us, that it is God who alone truly rules all things, because He alone can either preserve them, or annihilate them. The virtues convince us, that it is God "who alone doth wonderful things” and who hath reserved to himself alone to renew signs, and to multiply wonders. The powers signify by their name, that God alone is absolutely and truly powerful, to whom nothing is impossible, because in Him alone true power resides.The principalities signify, that God is the Prince over the kings of the earth, the King of kings, and Lord of lords. The archangels signify, that God is the true High Priest of all the churches. The angels, that God is the true Father of orphans; and that although He hath given His angels to be our guardians, He himself is present with each one, to guard and protect him. 

--St. Robert Bellarmine, The Eternal Happiness of the Saints