Wednesday, June 3, 2015

QUOTATION: Contraception

It was the Catholic Church's firm stand against contraception and abortion which finally made me decide to become a Catholic.

Contraception and abortion have made havoc both for the young and for the old.  The terrible things that are going on, the precocious sexual practices of children, the debauchery in universities, making eroticism an end and not a means, are a consequence of violating the natural order of things. As the Romans treated eating as an end in itself, making themselves sick in a vomitorium so as to enable them to return to the table and stuff themselves with more delicacies, so people now up in a sort of sexual vomitorium. The Church's stand is absolutely correct. It is to its eternal honour that it opposed contraception, even if the opposition failed.  I think, historically, people will say it was a very gallant effort to prevent a moral disaster.

--Malcolm Muggeridge, Conversion: A Spiritual Journey