Thursday, June 4, 2015

QUOTATION: The Confession of Venial Sins

St. Peter Julian Eymard
You should know distinctly that the accusation of venial sins is not like that of mortal sins. Mortal sins ought to be declared in confession with number, kind, and the circumstances that change their species or notably aggravate them. With venial sins, It is not so. A pious soul who will in good faith declare only three or four, but with regret that implicitly extends to all the others, and with a firm purpose of amendment, will receive the remission of all, although she has accused herself of only some. This means that mortal, sins are pardoned only individually, consequently they have to be declared formally, but venial sins collectively with general and implicit contrition. It is like a bundle of weeds, of which we see only those on the surface, and which we throw into the fire to be burned altogether, those we do not see, as well as those we do see.

--St. Peter Julian Eymard