Tuesday, August 19, 2014

QUOTATION: Rules for Lawyers

1. One must never accept unjust cases because they are bad for one’s conscience and one’s dignity.

2. One must never defend a case with illicit and unjust means.

3. One must not load one’s client with unnecessary expenses. A lawyer has the obligation to issue a refund if this has been the case.

4. One must deal with a client’s case with the same care with which one deals with one’s own.

5. One must study the files in order to draw valid arguments for the defense of the case.

6. The delays and carelessness of lawyers can be damaging to their clients, and the latter must be compensated lest justice is sinned against.

7. A lawyer must implore God for help in his defense, because God is the first protector of justice.

8. A lawyer who accepts many cases which are beyond his ability, his strength, and his time (which will often be lacking for the preparation of the defense) is not to be praised.

9. Justice and honesty are the inseparable companions of Catholic lawyers; in fact, they must always be treasured like the apple of their eye.

10. A lawyer who loses a case through negligence must take upon himself the compensation of his client for damages.

11. In defending a case one must be truthful, sincere, respectful, and rational.

12. Finally, the requisites for a lawyer are knowledge, diligence, truth, faithfulness, and justice.

--St. Alphonsus Liguori, 12 Commandement for Lawyers