Thursday, October 17, 2013

QUOTATION: God's Love for You and His Hatred of Sin

St. John EudesNow Jesus Christ entertained in Himself two widely opposed sentiments:

One of infinite love for His Father and for you, the other of extreme hatred for everything opposed to His Father's glory and your salvation, namely, for sin.

Since He loves His Father and you with an infinite love, He hates sin with an infinite hatred.

He so loved His Father, and so loves you, that He performed great miracles, suffered sorrowful torments, and gave up a precious life for His Father's glory and your love.

On the other hand, He holds sin in so great horror that He came down from Heaven, taking the form of a servant, and for thirty-three years He lived on earth a life of labor, of humiliation and of suffering; He shed His Blood even to the last drop; He died the most shameful and most cruel of all deaths, all for His hatred of sin, because of His intense desire to destroy all sin in you.

Now you must see to it that these same sentiments of Christ with regard to His Father and to sin continue in yourself.

--St. John Eudes, The Four Foundations of Sanctity