Thursday, April 10, 2014

QUOTATION: Self-Sacrifice Must Be Unconditional

But we sometimes see persons, who, coming to the service of God, say: Lord! I commend my spirit into Thy hands, but on condition that Thou wilt always give me consolations, without anything to contradict my will, and wilt give me superiors in all respects according to my liking.

Alas! What are you doing? Do you not see that this is not to resign your soul into the hands of God, as our Lord did? Do you not know that this is only one of those reserves from which all our troubles, disquietudes, and other imperfections, usually arise? For, as soon as things happen not according to our expectations and anticipations, a sudden desolation seizes on our poor souls. Why is this, unless because we are not resigned with indifference into the hands of God? Oh, how happy should we be, if we faithfully practiced this virtue!

--St. Francis de Sales, Consoling Thoughts